As much as I love talking policy, law (particularly constitutional) and what we commonly call “issues,” we have a much deeper problem that needs to be addressed first, and pronto.

Three key facts:
1. Independents outnumber both Ds and Rs. It’s in fact only in my State Senate district where Republicans outnumber independents (by 2%). Everywhere else in the district, people are turning in droves from the status quo private clubs we call the Two Party System. In a three-way race, the “Two Party System” would have already lost… if we’d only vote the way we talk.
2. But despite that turn from party loyalty in at least rhetoric and polls, most people haven’t been voting like independent thinkers, and THAT needs to CHANGE if we want anything to get better, because…
3. I’m convinced that our nation’s biggest problem is the brutal, hateful wedge the Two Party Scam has driven between us in essentially every aspect of our lives.

We need to find common ground and stop the destruction of civility and social function. We need to replace the culture of contempt with one of free speech and civil, grown-up behavior and action.

Yes, we need better ideas and new voices in DC. But more than that, we need to stop what’s made every Election Day a tug-of-war over who loses some, and who loses more. It’s a bad game, and it’s tearing us apart.

So, here I am, 8th US House District of Indiana. I am applying for the job of Political Marriage Counselor, Referee, and Matchmaker. I want to offer cover and a good excuse for the other Reps to do what’s right, and stop the partisan madness that makes people say and do the stupidest, most harmful and inherently divisive things…

But, OK, there are a few other things that deserve special note:


There are TWO constitutions relevant to everybody within the borders of the USA; the federal constitution, and your state’s constitution.  Please read them both.  Read my annotated USA constitution linked above and right if you’d like to see what I see in this important compact.
And if you’re in Indiana, read this one too.


What I’m proposing is detailed in writing…most of it has been for a couple hundred years. It boils down to Governing Our Government. That means not merely cutting spending, debt, agencies and programs. But more importantly, cutting and nullifying the unauthorized power that’s been trampling our rights, property, opportunity, economy, justice and liberty.

I’ve got an eight-point plan that, I hope you’ll agree, hits all the biggest problems:
1. Corruption! …and of course, Cronyism. (the “Powers That Be” and status quo candidates protect most of it, so YOU need to fix this one). We won’t get term limits without you.
2. Fiat currency/ bad money.
3. Unconstitutional/anti-constitutional, unauthorized power that’s bankrupting our nation, and hurting us all in ways both immediate and transgenerational. Nullify!
4. The “Military Industrial Complex” and the militarization and empire we were so often warned about.

But there’re many more proposals detailed at this link.

What I’m proposing is detailed in writing…most of it has been for a couple hundred years.

Google me, and you’ll see I’ve been a consistent advocate for constitutional rule of law under state and federal constitutions, as written and amended, as well as a proponent of peace, prosperity and security through individual liberty, free market economics, and the Golden Rule


And that makes me lot different from the other guys.

Of course I’m all about cutting spending and debt.  But that really means taking away our politicians’ unconstitutional powers to spend.

Of course I’m all-in for ALL your rights – not just selected amendments – ALL OF THEM, ALL THE TIME.  But that really means taking away our politicians’ unconstitutional powers to take them away.

If you have any questions, please ask me!

I do need to make special mention of…

It’s worse than you suspect.

Indiana’s partisan and election/ ballot access rules are among the worst in the nation.  That would be only a state-government matter, if they didn’t violate our federal constitutional rights as well.  But they do violate our federal rights, as do the corporate and campaign finance rules that grant extraordinary advantages as well as human rights to corporate abstractions, and thus compromise the rights of actual, living humans.   …And not just in electoral politics.

I wrote this several years ago, and things have only gotten worse since 2017:

I’ll need your help with this one!

​But I also hope you’ll support the candidacy of Jeff Maurer for Indiana Secretary of State.  We need to attack the problem of the self-appointed, unconstitutional, inherently divisive and obviously destructive “Two Party System” from both federal and state offices.