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Back in February when I was poking at the creation of a minor Ministry of Truth, I really didn’t know that we’d be courting a much more literal and powerful Ministry of Truth in May of 2022.
I wish we’d be much more 1776 than 1984.

My interview on the “Rob Kendall And The Show To Be Named Later” starts at ~23:20, here:

Here’s my interview with Dr. Pingnan Shi:

We Are Libertarians interview:
or audio-only at:

I’m honored and delighted to receive an endorsement from the Young Conservatives of Southern Indiana! THANK YOU, YCSI!

Indiana NORML endorsed me too! Again, I am honored. THANK YOU, Indiana NORML!

This is a 2020 interview that’s mostly about the Indiana Constitution and Indiana Code…but it all applies (and goes double for) the federal constitution and Federal Code.